Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Hittites!

'The Hittites.'
a)  Genesis 15:20. God gave their land to Abraham.
b) Genesis 23:3. Abraham spoke to them, just after being in his deceased wife's presence. (He knew what he needed to do, and did it despite his grief.)
c)  Genesis 23:7. Abraham humbled himself before them. 
d)  Genesis 23:16-20; 25:10. Abraham bought a field from them as a burial site. 
e)  Exodus 3:17; 13:5. Their land was flowing with milk and honey. 
f)  Exodus 23:23. Were going to be wiped out by the Lord. 
g)  Exodus 23:28; Deuteronomy 7:1. Were driven out of the way by the Lord. 
h)  Judges 3:5. The Israelites settled among them. 
i)  Ezra 9:1. The Israelites intermarried with them. 
(Through this QT, the Hittites, I understand more about God's Will and Permission)
PRAYER: For the families of God's People today not to compromise with the World System and its ways.
'A Coming Time Of Restoration.'
Acts 3:19-22.
a)  Acts 3:19. We need to repent so that we can enter this time of Restoration and Refreshing.
b)  Acts 3:20. Jesus Christ the Lord will come again.
c)  Acts 3:21. This time of Restoration will definitely and clearly come. 
d)  Acts 3:22. We are to carefully listen to what the Lord says to us. 
(This Second one teaches me about A Coming Time Of Restoration)
PRAYER: For our readiness for the Coming Time of Restoration.
Abraham bought a field from the Hittites to be a burial site for his family and his people. This means that Abraham was also a planner. He was the "father of Faith", a great source of inspiration for us, but also he was a practical father/leader. The mixture of Faith and Practicality is important for all of us. We need to live with Faith but we also need to be practical in the outworking of the "Life of Faith".

Accepting, Obeying And Loving!

'Accepting, Obeying And Loving.' John 14:21.  a)  Those people who accept My Commandments b)  And obey them c)  Are the ones ...