Friday, August 18, 2017

A Desperate And Dysfunctional Decision!

'A Desperate And Dysfunctional Decision.'
Genesis 16:1-2.
a)  Sarai, Abram's wife bore him no children. 
b)  Sarai had an Egyptian slave named Hagar. 
c)  Sarai said to Abram:
1-The Lord has kept me from having children. 
2-Go, sleep with my servant.
3-Perhaps I can build a family through her. 
d)  Abram agreed to what Sarai said. 
(This QT reveals to me A Desperate And Dysfunctional Decision)
PRAYER: That we will always make good decisions.
'It Is The Same Now.'
Galatians 4:29. 
a)  At that time
b)  The son born according to the flesh
c)  Persecuted the son born by the Power of the Holy Spirit.
d)  It is the same now.
(This Second one reminds me that It Is The Same Now)
PRAYER: For those persecuted by reason of their Christian Faith or background.
We cannot look to the lives of people in the Old Testament as examples for our behaviour and values today. We can read about, and be encouraged by, their Faith. For today's behaviour and values we need to look into the Teachings of Jesus Christ and the Epistles in the New Testament. If our lives, families and values are based in the New Testament, we are surely "heading in the right direction". Surely, reading about the characters in the Old Testament can enhance our Faith. 

Thursday, August 17, 2017


a)  Isaiah 53:12. Was made by Jesus for the transgressors. 
b)  Jeremiah 7:16. Was sometimes forbidden by the Lord. 
c)  Jeremiah 27:18. True prophets make intercession to the Lord. 
d)  Romans 8:26 & 27. The Holy Spirit makes intercession for us. 
e)  Romans 8:34; Hebrews 7:25. Christ makes intercession for us. 
(This QT teaches me about Intercession)
PRAYER: For the Ministry of Intercession in our Churches.
a)  Matthew 5:44. For those people who spitefully use you and persecute you. 
b)  Matthew 6:7. Without vain repetitions. 
c)  Matthew 6:9. To the Heavenly Father. 
d)  Mark 1:35; 6:46; Luke 22:41. Jesus prayed alone early in the morning. 
e)  Mark 11:24. With Faith. 
f)  Mark 11:25. And forgive others. 
g)  Luke 6:28. For the people who spitefully use you. 
h)  Luke 9:28. With a team. 
i)  Luke 11:2. Jesus taught His Disciples to Pray. 
j)  Acts 1:24. The Disciples prayed about the successor to Judas Iscariot. 
k)  Acts 6:6. Before the Ministry of Laying on of Hands. 
l)  Acts 9:40. Then perform miracles. 
m)  Acts 10:9. On the house-top.
n)  Acts 10:30. Pray in the house. 
o)  Acts 21:5. Before saying farewell. 
p)  Philippians 1:9. Pray that in the Church will be:
q)  Colossians 1:9. Pray for the Church to be filled with the knowledge of God's Will in all Wisdom and spiritual understanding. 
(This Second one encourages me to Pray)
PRAY: For more desire to Pray.
We are encouraged to Pray without vain repetitions. This is a necessary instruction from our Lord. Our Prayers are not meant to be performances to entertain the Lord, or indeed other Believers, they are meant to be a heart cry to God. Jesus called us to Pray at all times. 

They Wondered!

'They Wondered.'
a)  Luke 2:18. The people, when they heard what the shepherds told them. 
b)  Isaiah 59:16. The Lord, when He saw that there was no person to intercede. 
c)  Matthew 15:31. The crowd, when they saw they people healed by Jesus. 
d)  Luke 1:63. The people, when John's father, Zechariah, wrote that his son should be named 'John'.
(This QT reveals to me that They Wondered)
PRAYER: That wonder and amazement shall be returned to our faith-life.
'Written On Our Heart.'
Proverbs 3:3. 
a)  Let not steadfast love and faithfulness forsake us. 
b)  Bind them around our neck.
c)  Write them on the tablet of our heart.
(This Second one reminds me what should be Written On my Heart)
PRAYER: For steadfast love and faithfulness to always be in our heart and life.
There are times when I have seen the Lord do certain things and I was filled with wonder and amazement. This was, and is not, a regular occurrence, just certain times. If it happened regularly there would be no wonder and amazement. I thank God for His Amazing Grace and love for us. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Canaanites!

'The Canaanites.'
a)  Genesis 15:21; 24:3 & 37. Were not popular with the Jewish people. 
b)  Genesis 34:30. Jacob was afraid of them. 
c)  Exodus 3:17; 13:5. Had a Blessed land. 
d)  Exodus 13:11. Had a "promised land" for God's People. 
e)  Exodus 23:23. Would be defeated by the Angel of the Lord. 
f)  Numbers 13:29. Liked to live by the water. 
g)  Numbers 14:43 & 45; Joshua 24:11. Attacked and overcame God's People. 
h)  Numbers 21:3. Israel eventually destroyed them. 
i)  Deuteronomy 7:1. Were cast out by the Lord. 
j)  Joshua 17:16 & 18. Had chariots of iron. 
k)  Judges 1:4. Were defeated by Judah. 
l)  Judges 1:27. Had a strong will.
(Through this QT I learn some more about The Canaanites)
PRAYER: For the Salvation of the people that we live amongst, in the street, the land, or the city)
'Live By The Spirit.'
a)  Galatians 5:25; Romans 8:1. We should behave in accordance with Him, we should walk in Him. 
b)  Luke 2:25-26. Receive revelations from Him. 
c)  Luke 4:18. Live out the Ministry of Jesus Christ. 
d)  John 4:23-24. Worship in Spirit and Truth.
e)  John 15:26. He is our Helper. 
f)  John 16:13. He will guide us into all Truth. 
g)  Acts 1:8. And receive power from God. 
h)  Acts 2:4; 9:17. Be filled with Him. 
i)  Acts 4:31. Especially after prayer. 
j)  Acts 16:6-7. He can specifically lead the mission of God's People. 
k)  Acts 20:28. He appoints the Leaders of the Church. 
(This Second one gives me the desire to Live By The Spirit)
PRAYER: To be filled with the Holy Spirit, so that we can live by Him)
The Canaanites were defeated by Judah. God's People are not to be too "enemy conscious"! There are some people who are always talking, or even praying, about 'defeating the enemy', this is true but needs to taken in balance with God's Word and living out the Christian Life in a proper way. The Lord actually promises His People victory, our part is to enter into it by Faith. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Only One Gospel!

'Only One Gospel.'
Galatians 1:8. 
a)  Even if Apostle Paul and his team,
b)  Or an Angel from Heaven,
c)  Preach any other Gospel to you
d)  Then what we have preached to you,
e)  Let him be accursed.
(This QT reminds me strongly that there is Only One Gospel)
PRAYER: That those who preach would remember that there is Only One Gospel.
'Love The Lord First.'
1 Corinthians 16:22.
a)  This is written to anyone who does not love the Lord Jesus Christ.
b)  That person is in danger of being cursed. 
c)  The Lord will come. 
(Through this Second one I am reminded of the First Commandment: To Love The Lord First)
PRAYER: For the Holy Spirit to help us to Love The Lord First.
The words that Apostle Paul uses against those people who preach any 'other gospel' are strong words. The reason for this is that those people who preach that 'other gospel' are actually leading other people away from the Truth of the Gospel as revealed in God's Word. There is only one Way, there is only one Gospel, it is the life-changing Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Monday, August 14, 2017

The First Evangelistic Witness!

'The First Evangelistic Witness.'
Luke 2:17. 
a)  The shepherds had seen Jesus. 
b)  They spread the Word
c)  Concerning what had been told them
d)  About this Child. 
(This QT reveals to me The First Evangelistic Witness in the New Testament)
PRAYER: For us to have the same enthusiasm about the Lord as the shepherds had.
'Only One Gospel.'
Galatians 1:8. 
a)  But even if we,
b)  Or an Angel from Heaven,
c)  Should preach a "gospel" other than the one we preached to you,
d)  Let them be under God's curse.
(This Second one assures me that there is Only One Gospel)
PRAYER: For Churches and Ministers to remember that there is Only One Gospel.
The evangelism recorded in Luke 2 regarding the shepherds' witness seemed to be very natural, they were excited about the Lord and simply wanted to tell others. When 'duty' replaces 'excitement' in evangelistic witness, that witness simply becomes a religious act. If we evangelize, we need to be joyful about the news we share, the shepherds saw Jesus, we should have encountered Him in some way. 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Hittites!

'The Hittites.'
a)  Genesis 15:20. God gave their land to Abraham.
b) Genesis 23:3. Abraham spoke to them, just after being in his deceased wife's presence. (He knew what he needed to do, and did it despite his grief.)
c)  Genesis 23:7. Abraham humbled himself before them. 
d)  Genesis 23:16-20; 25:10. Abraham bought a field from them as a burial site. 
e)  Exodus 3:17; 13:5. Their land was flowing with milk and honey. 
f)  Exodus 23:23. Were going to be wiped out by the Lord. 
g)  Exodus 23:28; Deuteronomy 7:1. Were driven out of the way by the Lord. 
h)  Judges 3:5. The Israelites settled among them. 
i)  Ezra 9:1. The Israelites intermarried with them. 
(Through this QT, the Hittites, I understand more about God's Will and Permission)
PRAYER: For the families of God's People today not to compromise with the World System and its ways.
'A Coming Time Of Restoration.'
Acts 3:19-22.
a)  Acts 3:19. We need to repent so that we can enter this time of Restoration and Refreshing.
b)  Acts 3:20. Jesus Christ the Lord will come again.
c)  Acts 3:21. This time of Restoration will definitely and clearly come. 
d)  Acts 3:22. We are to carefully listen to what the Lord says to us. 
(This Second one teaches me about A Coming Time Of Restoration)
PRAYER: For our readiness for the Coming Time of Restoration.
Abraham bought a field from the Hittites to be a burial site for his family and his people. This means that Abraham was also a planner. He was the "father of Faith", a great source of inspiration for us, but also he was a practical father/leader. The mixture of Faith and Practicality is important for all of us. We need to live with Faith but we also need to be practical in the outworking of the "Life of Faith".

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Aim To Pass This Test!

'Aim To Pass This Test.'
1 Thessalonians 2:4. 
a)  We are always spreading the Good News. 
b)  God trusts us to do this,
c)  Because we have passed His Test. 
d)  We do not try to please people,
e)  But we try to please God,
f)  Who tests our motives. 
(This QT should motivate every Church Minister, everywhere, Aim To Pass This Test)
PRAYER: For your local Church Minister to always try to please God.
'God In Control Of Everything.'
1 Corinthians 15:28. 
a)  When God puts everything under Christ's Authority. 
b)  The Son will put Himself under God's Authority. 
c)  Then God will be in control of everything.
(Through this Second one I revere the Authority of Christ and God: God In Control Of Everything)
PRAYER: To trust God, Who is in control of everything.
Apostle Paul wrote to the Thessalonians that he tried to please God. He did not write: "I please God", rather, "I try to please God". Here is a great motivational statement written by the Apostle, giving us all, but especially Ministers, a clear and excellent model and example to follow. If we are simply trying to please God, I am sure that we will be pleasing to Him. 

A Desperate And Dysfunctional Decision!

'A Desperate And Dysfunctional Decision.' Genesis 16:1-2. a)  Sarai, Abram's wife bore him no children.  b)  Sarai had an ...