Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Accepting, Obeying And Loving!

'Accepting, Obeying And Loving.'
John 14:21. 
a)  Those people who accept My Commandments
b)  And obey them
c)  Are the ones who love Me
d)  And because they love Me, 
e)  My Father will love them.
f)  And I will love them
g)  And reveal Myself to each of them. 
(This QT reminds me of the starting point of my relationship with God: Accepting, Obeying And Loving)
PRAYER: To have this Relationship with God: Accepting His Will, Obeying Him, Loving Him and others.
'God At Home With Us.'
John 14:23. 
a)  Jesus replied:
b)  "All who love Me 
c)  "Will do what I say.
d)  "My Father will love them,
e)  "And We will come
f)  "And make Our home
g)  "With each of them."
(Through this Second one I find one of God's Desires: 'God At Home With Us.')
PRAYER: Welcoming God to be At Home With Us. (At home, in Church and in normal daily life!)
Every relationship has a starting point, it is the time when we first meet and from there we begin to get to know one another. This is the same principle in our relationship with God! There is a starting point. To have a real relationship we need to have a "live" meeting, not just meeting over the internet. The normal place at which we would have this "live" meeting with God would be in a Believer's home, or in Church. We meet in fellowship with God and with others. 
Once we have had that introduction to God, then the relationship can grow, Church can be enjoyed and we begin to live as a True Believer in God. 
Certainly, the internet ministry can be a useful source of "ministry engagement" with God, getting to know about Him and His Word, but it is not one of the "basic 4"!
The "basic 4" are:
1-Reading our Bible. (Alone with God)
2-Prayer. (With God Alone or together with others)
3-Having fellowship with other Believers (where practical and possible).
4-Telling others about God, especially those people who do not yet know Jesus Christ as Lord. (This can be done through various modes of communication)

Monday, July 16, 2018

Prayer When Under Family Pressure!

'Prayer When Under Family Pressure.'
Genesis 32:12. 
a)  'For You said:
b)  ' "I will surely treat you well,
c)  ' "And make your descendants
d)  ' "As the sand of the sea,
e)  ' "Which cannot be counted for multitude."'
(Through this QT I find Prayer When Under Family Pressure)
PRAYER: When we are under pressure, our Prayer can and should remind God of His Promises to us.
'Subject Matter For The Gospel Message.'
Luke 24:47. 
a)  Repentance
b)  And Remission of sins
c)  Should be preached in His Name
d)  To all Nations,
e)  Beginning at Jerusalem.
(This Second one reveals Subject Matter For The Gospel Message)
PRAYER: For those people who are Preaching the Gospel Message in the Nations. 
God, in His Word, tells His People how to be good parents. This Truth can be taken and applied by people from all religions or no religion and it can be good parenting counseling for them. When some difficulty comes into the family it is good to solve it with the Word of God, Prayer and Godly Wisdom. (We can always ask God for His Wisdom and He will answer that Prayer) 
We should not passively wait until some "problem" happens and then react to it, rather we should be alert in Prayer for our family. Prayer prepares us for every situation. The family that loves each other practically, not passively; the family that communicates well with each other; the family that shares some spiritual life together and that sensitively prays together, this family has a better chance of standing against the schemes of every plan of Satan. 
Passivity, whether it is to do with communication with each other, family spiritual life, or maintaining Biblical standards, will surely bring unnecessary suffering into the family. 
Pride and perfectionism do not help our family life!
Every Believing family that really trusts in God can come together to Him in Prayer and with Fellowship and find His Blessing and His Help in any time of need. 
To summarize: there are three things that are, or should be basic ingredients of family life: 1-Biblical standards and solutions. 2-Mutually shared spiritual life. 3-Naturally communicated love.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Blessed And Not Guilty!

'Blessed And Not Guilty.'
Romans 4:8. 
a)  Blessed is the man
b)  Against whom the Lord
c)  Will not count his sin. 
Psalm 32:1-2.
d)  Blessed is the one 
e)  Whose transgression is forgiven,
f)  Whose sin is covered.
g)  Blessed is the man
h)  Against whom the Lord counts no iniquity
i)  And in whose spirit there is no deceit.
(This QT reveals a wonderful condition: Blessed And Not Guilty)
PRAYER: To live in this condition, Blessed And Not Guilty.
'The Key To A Change Of Life.'
Acts 3:19. 
a)  Repent therefore,
b)  And turn back,
c)  That your sins
d)  May be blotted out. 
(Through this Second one I see The Key To A Change Of Life)
PRAYER: To repent if we need to.
The Bible contains many verses which begin with the Words: "Blessed are (or Blessed is)". What an amazing book, the Bible, the Word of God is! We find that God's first intention, written in the Book of Genesis, is to Bless His People. As we read though the Scriptures, time after time we find God's desire to Bless. 
The Blessing of God is supposed to be both awesome and powerful! When He chooses to Bless someone, nothing or no one can take that Blessing away. We may be the only ones who hinder God's intention to Bless us, no-one else can do it. We cannot blame another person for "robbing us of the Blessing of God"! People who blame others seldom live in the Blessing of God, their blaming shuts out that Blessing. 
We should be able to stop, think and thank God for the Blessings that He bestows upon us. 
Generally, the way that we commune with God is through Prayer. Our personal Prayer life is not meant to be a complaints list, nor is it supposed to be entirely in a Holy Spirit language that we do not understand! Our personal prayer life is a very basic and important part of our devotional and personal relationship with God. Please remember that Apostle Paul wrote that he used both the 'Prayer in the Holy Spirit' as well as the 'Prayer with the understanding'. 
(If we are not sure how to Pray, we need to go back to Matthew 6:5-18. Jesus actually instructed His Disciples how to Pray here, it was a priority and practical teaching, given at the beginning of training His Disciples in the 'Sermon on the Mount'. I also suggest that a written list of things or people to pray for or about can really help us.) 
If we are tempted not to Pray, and then give into that temptation, simply put ... we stop praying! We begin to dry up spiritually. This can happen to the whole local Church too ... they stop praying! Then the Church dries up spiritually. 
The result of this in a small Church is usually that it closes down, the result of this in a large Church is that the Worship Services become so 'dry' and it functions like a Christian entertainment center, then it begins to stop growing and gradually it dies. 

Saturday, July 14, 2018

We Will Know!

'We Will Know.'
John 14:20. 
a)  In that Day - the Day when we meet Jesus face-to-Face.
b)  We will know that:
1-Christ is in His Father.
2-We are in Christ.
3-Christ is in us. 
(Through this QT I have no doubt that I Will Know)
PRAYER: For personal assurance of Salvation now.
'Jesus Christ Is Lord - What Else?'
Revelation 1:5. 
a)  He is the Faithful Witness. 
b)  He is the First-born of the dead. 
c)  He is the Ruler of the kings of the Earth. 
d)  He is the One Who loves us. 
e)  He is the One Who has freed us from our sins by His Blood. 
(This Second one answers my question: Jesus Christ is Lord - What Else?)
PRAYER: That we will truly want to understand that Jesus Christ Is Lord and all it really means.
This is the Truth, Bible Truth, not just a fanciful imagination! There is going to be a future day when we meet Jesus, Face - to - face. The repeated challenge that we receive from the New Testament is this: will we be ready to meet Him? 
There is no doubt that this is going to happen. Jesus spoke about His Coming Again in the Gospels, other Bible-writers referred to it too! 
For me, knowing and prophesying about when and where this is going to happen is not important, what is important is that we are ready for it. 
A part of the Gospel, as taught in the Word of God, and also by Jesus Christ Himself when He physically walked with His Disciples, is to be ready for the unexpected Coming again of the Lord in the Heavens and to this Earth. 
There needs to be space made in the Ministry of the Word of God in our Churches, to proclaim that Jesus Christ our Lord is coming again. 
Whether we are going to meet Him in Heaven, or upon this Earth, the simple fact is that we need to be ready to meet Him. 
Everyone is responsible for the amount of Bible Truth (Light) and understanding that they have. We are not to be judges of other people! Our responsibility is to ensure that other people understand the Grace of God offered to human-kind through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
This 'understanding' does not necessarily come first through TV programs, or from Gospel papers pushed through people's front doors, it comes from people's interactions with others personally and from invitations given to them to come and experience the Lord in some kind of Christian home, meeting or gathering. 

Friday, July 13, 2018

Fear Of Reprisal!

'Fear Of Reprisal.'
Genesis 32:11. 
a)  This a part of Jacob's Prayer,
b)  It was prayed with a guilt and fear motivation
c)  After the way in which he treated his brother Esau.
d)  "Please deliver me from the hand of my brother,
e)  "From the hand of Esau,
e)  "For I fear him,
f)  "That he may come and attack me,
g)  "The mothers, with the children."
(Through this QT we can see Jacob's 'Fear Of Reprisal')
PRAYER: That we will never get ourselves into the situation where we have the Fear Of Reprisal.
'Necessary For The Forgiveness Of Sin.'
Hebrews 9:22.
a)  Indeed, under the Law
b)  Almost everything 
c)  Is purified with blood,
d)  And without the shedding of blood
e)  There is no forgiveness of sins. 
(This Second one teaches me that, under God's Law, the shedding of blood was Necessary For The Forgiveness Of Sin)
PRAYER: For the assurance that our sins are forgiven, atoned for by the shedding of Christ's Blood.
We can see that the World System is filled discreetly and silently with the Fear Of Reprisal. Some people do bad things to other people and then they are afraid that the people whom they have sinned against are going to take revenge in some way. This is reasonable fear, it is historically justified. 
The wonderful news is that we can be free from the World System's sins and lifestyle if we are truly in Jesus Christ. 
It is rational for us to be afraid of God's punishment because the Bible tells us that we have all sinned, and come short of God's Glory. Jesus Christ has, however, at the Cross of Calvary, taken the punishment for our sinful nature and our sins. He rose again to give us a New Life and a New Hope. 
If we have confidence that our sins are forgiven because of what Jesus has done for us, and that we have this New Life and New Hope, we can then have Peace with God and experience the Peace of God. 
The Bible tells us that God does not give us a 'spirit of fear', but instead, He gives us Power, Love and Self-Control. We can, by Faith, live in victory over the World System. 

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Real Joy!

'Real Joy.'
Romans 4:7. 
a)  Oh, what Joy
b)  For those whose disobedience is forgiven,
c)  Whose sins
d)  Are put out of sight.
(This QT teaches me a reason for Real Joy)
PRAYER: To know Real Joy.
'Authority On Earth To Forgive Sins.'
Matthew 9:6. 
a)  "So, I will prove to you
b)  "That the Son of Man
c)  "Has the Authority on Earth
d)  "To forgive sins."
e)  Then Jesus turned to the paralyzed man and said:
1-"Stand up
2-"Pick up your mat
3-"And go home."
(Through this Second one I know that Jesus still has Authority On Earth To Forgive Sins)
PRAYER: To have assurance from the Lord that our sins are forgiven.
It is a very wonderful part of the Gospel that God is still willing to forgive the sins of anyone who acknowledges that they are by nature a sinner and have sinned. The person who is forgiven by God experiences full and complete forgiveness and acceptance from God. After experiencing this forgiveness there very often needs to follow a period of learning how to live a life as a True Believer (some call it a Disciple). 
The Message of the Gospel, however, is not about discipleship, it is about God's Grace and Forgiveness. When we become a New and True Believer in Christ, this Grace and Forgiveness becomes the reality of the Christian life that we have. We are fully and unconditionally grateful to God for what He has done for us in giving His Son for the sacrifice for our sins. It is after having assurance that we have become a New and True Believer in Christ, that we need to learn to grow spiritually.
Jesus Christ suffered ultimate punishment that we may experience ultimate forgiveness and New Life in Him. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A Blessed Person!

The reason for this brief meditation is the result for my personal search yesterday that was initiated by my question: who is A Blessed Person?

'A Blessed Person.'
Romans 4:6. 
a)  David himself speaks
b)  Regarding the Blessedness
c)  Of the man
d)  To whom God credits Righteousness.
(This verse from the Epistle of Paul to the Romans reveals to me the answer to my question: Who is A Blessed Person?)

Who Abides In Christ?

'Who Abides In Christ?'
John 6:56.
a)  He who eats My Flesh
b)  And drinks My Blood
c)  Abides in Me,
d)  And I in him.
(This QT answers another question of mine: Who Abides In Christ?)
PRAYER: To have personal assurance of abiding in Christ.
'The Greatest Meaning Of Christ's Healing Power.'
Matthew 9:6.
a)  'But that you may know that the Son of Man
b)  'Has Power on Earth
c)  'To forgive sins.'
d)  - Then He said to the paralytic,
e)  'Arise,
f)  'Take up your bed,
g)  'And go to your house.'
(This Second one reveals The Greatest Meaning Of Christ's Healing Power)
PRAYER: To experience Forgiveness of our sins and Healing 
in every way in our lives. 
Jesus the Christ spoke about His abiding in us. For the True Believer, it is not an exaggeration to claim that Christ lives in their heart by Faith. This is a statement that the Lord Jesus Christ made whilst He was physically on this Earth that still has meaning today. It is a Teaching that also continued in the Epistles. This is not just a "mystical belief" - it is a reality, Christ's indwelling of our lives by the Holy Spirit. The indwelling Christ gives Assurance and Faith that enables His Followers to live out their lives as True Believers. The indwelling Christ gives us confidence to Pray. The indwelling Christ can fulfill His Promise to us by keeping us filled with the Holy Spirit. 
We do not hear much about 'abiding' from the pulpit in these days, but it was very much a Teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ. A Teaching that was meant to prepare His Disciples for life after His Ascension. 
For the True Believer, Christ abides in them and they abide in Christ. 

Accepting, Obeying And Loving!

'Accepting, Obeying And Loving.' John 14:21.  a)  Those people who accept My Commandments b)  And obey them c)  Are the ones ...