Friday, March 16, 2018

God's Word To Lot's Family!

'God's Word To Lot's Family.'
Genesis 19:17. 
a)  The Angels brought Lot and his family outside. 
b)  One of the Angels said:
c)  "Escape for your life!
d)  "Do not look behind you,
e)  "And do not stay anywhere in the valley;
f)  "Escape to the mountains,
g)  "Or you will be swept away."
(This QT teaches me of God's Word To Lot's Family)
PRAY: That when God speaks to our family, we will obey Him.
'A Zealous And Compassionate Lord.'
Joel 2:18. 
a)  The Lord became Zealous for His Land.
b)  The Lord had Compassion on His People.
c)  The Lord will have pity on His People.
(This Second one reveals A Zealous And Compassionate Lord)
PRAY: Remembering that we have A Zealous And Compassionate Lord.
When God gives us specific instructions, as in this QT, we should also specifically obey Him. "Do not stay anywhere in the valley" was a very specific instruction that the Lord gave to Lot through an Angel. It was a clear "get out" and there could be no compromise! If God tells us to "get out", then we should not stay put or try to 'hide in the valley'!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

They Still Did Not Believe!

'They Still Did Not Believe.'
John 6:36. 
a)  Jesus told them:
b)  "You have seen Me
c)  "And still
d)  "You do not believe."
(This QT reminds me that Salvation is really the Gift of God: They Still Did Not Believe)
PRAY: For your relatives and friends who still do not Believe, that they will turn to Christ.
'Jesus Christ - God's Son.'
Hebrews 1:3.
a)  The Son is the Radiance of God's Glory. 
b)  The Son is the exact Representation of God's Being.
c)  The Son sustains all things by His Powerful Word. 
d)  After the Son had provided purification for sins,
e)  He sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in Heaven.
(This Second one calls me to Thank and Praise Jesus Christ - God's Son)
PRAY: Always thanking God for Jesus Christ - God's Son
Salvation is really the Gift of God! God wants to Save people, God wants to being Restoration to their lives. The first and foremost part of the Gospel Message is that we can be Saved from the result of our sin by Jesus Christ's shed Blood at the Cross and that we can have New Life in Him. From there, that Salvation experience, we have the desire and prayer for other people to experience this same Salvation.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

If You Teach Others!

'If You Teach Others.'
Romans 2:21-22. 
a)  You who teach others,
b)  Do you not teach yourself?
c)  If you preach: "No stealing!"
d)  Do you steal?
e)  If you say: "No adultery"!
f)  Do you commit adultery?
g)  If you hate idols.
h)  Do you rob temples?
(This QT is a challenge to all who Teach Others)
PRAY: For those people who Teach the Word of God to also live by the Word of God)
'All Things Came Through Him.'
John 1:3. 
a)  Everything came into being through the Word.
b)  Without the Word, 
c)  Nothing came into being. 
(This Second one reminds me that All Things Came Through Him)
PRAY: For our Churches to Preach and Teach The Truth About Creation.
One of the most prevalent sins in the Church today is the very personal and shameful sin of immorality of some form. This kind of sin causes great deception in the Church because a deceptive spirit comes into the Church and to the regular Believer they have a sense of "no problems here" about their Church. The problem is that the eventual outcome can be destruction of a Ministry, a Church, a Minister or a Believer. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Lot Hesitated - But The Lord Helped Him!

'Lot Hesitated - But The Lord Helped Him.'
Genesis 19:16.
a)  But Lot hesitated. 
b)  So the men (Angels) seized: 
1-His hand.
2-His wife's hand.
3-The hand of Lot's two daughters. 
c)  For the Compassion of the Lord was upon him. 
d)  And the Angels brought him out. 
e)  They put him outside the city. 
(This QT teaches me that Lot Hesitated - But The Lord Helped Him)
PRAY: For God's Help when we need it and thanking God for His Help when we receive it.
'The Creator Of All Things.'
Job 26:13. 
a)  By His Spirit
b)  The Lord has garnished the Heavens;
c)  His Hand has formed
d)  The crooked serpent. 
(Through this Second one I am reminded that the Lord is The Creator Of All Things)
PRAY: Thanking God that He is The Creator of all things.
The Angels did not forget Lot's two daughters, this happening includes them. God rescued them! The Lord is the Creator of families too! There is a saying: "the family that prays together stays together". This saying is seen as "old fashioned" by some Christian families, citing all kinds of reasons why they do not want to pray together! The problem is this: Basic family devotion is still something that is very helpful for day-by-day life together as a family. 

Monday, March 12, 2018

The Bread Of Life!

'The Bread Of Life.'
John 6:35.
a)  Jesus said to them:
b)  "I am the Bread of Life;
c)  "He who Comes to Me will not hunger,
d)  "And he who Believes in Me
e)  "Will never thirst."
(Through this QT I want to partake of The Bread Of Life)
PRAYER: For the Bread of Life to be a daily reality for us.
'The Spirit Of God Was Moving.'
Genesis 1:2. 
a)  The Earth was formless and void,
b)  And darkness was over the face of the deep,
c)  And the Spirit of God
d)  Was moving over the surface of the waters.
(This Second one teaches me that, from the Beginning, The Spirit Of God Was Moving)
PRAYER: For the Spirit of God to move in our life, our family and our Church.
Jesus said that if we Believe in Him, we will never thirst. Why is it that Christians sometimes thirst for worldly things and possessions? The answer is simple: They are not Trusting God for all things in their lives or Trusting Him to meet their needs. Jesus calls us not only to come to Him, but also to Believe in Him.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

It Came To Pass!

'It Came To Pass.'
Acts 11:28. 
a)  There stood up one of the prophets named Agabus.
b)  He signified by the Holy Spirit
c)  That there should be a great famine
d)  All over the World:
e)  Which came to pass in the days of Claudius. 
(This QT reveals that Agabus' Prophecy came to pass)
PRAYER: For discernment regarding 'prophecies' and 'prophets'.
'Because of The Authority Given To Jesus Christ.'
Matthew 28:19.
a)  Go ye therefore,
b)  And make Disciples of all the Nations,
c)  Baptizing them into the Name of:
1-The Father
2-And of the Son
3-And of the Holy Spirit. 
(Through this Second one I understand that we Baptize new Believers Because Of The Authority Given To Jesus Christ)
PRAYER: For the Churches to Teach about Baptism well. 
Real Prophecies eventually come to pass! We should not limit their timing, unless the prophecy itself speaks of a time or timing. The Prophecy given by Agabus came to pass in the days of Claudius. Most Prophecies do not specify a time, only some do that. The tests of a Prophecy are: 1-That it comes to pass sooner or later. 2-That it is according to the Word of God. 3-That it is subject to discerning Church Leadership's verification. (God will not allow the Gift of Prophecy to function where there is no discerning Church Leadership!)

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Real Urgency!

'Real Urgency.'
Genesis 19:15. 
a)  The sun was coming up.
b)  So the Angels tried to get Lot to leave.
c)  They said to Lot: "Hurry up!
d)  "Take your wife and your two daughters who are here.
e)  "Get out!
f)  "If you don't
g)  "You will be swept away when the city is punished."
(This QT shows me a case of Real Urgency)
PRAYER: For Wisdom in how to respond in situations of Real Urgency.
'God Turned Against Them.'
Isaiah 63:10. 
a)  They refused to obey God.
b)  They grieved God's Holy Spirit.
c)  So God turned against them and became their enemy. 
d)  God Himself fought against His People.
(Through this Second one I find a rare occurrence: God Turned Against Them)
PRAYER: That we will always have the heart to obey God. 
"Get out!" was simply what the Angels said. When God says to us that we are to "Get out!" we simply need to obey Him. Surely, there will be situations that we face in our lives when this will happen: God will say: "Get out!" Usually it is when there is danger of some kind that we do not know about, or it may be some place, something or someone that we are holding on to in disobedience to God and He simply says:"Get out!"

God's Word To Lot's Family!

'God's Word To Lot's Family.' Genesis 19:17.  a)  The Angels brought Lot and his family outside.  b)  One of the Angel...