Saturday, December 16, 2017

A Clear Distinction!

'A Clear Distinction.'
John 5:41.
a)  Jesus said: "I do not accept Glory
b)  "From
c)  "Human Beings."
d)  {I do not accept Honour from People}
(This QT teaches me A Clear Distinction)
PRAYER: To understand A Clear Distinction.
'The Source Of The Ten Commandments.'
Exodus 20:1. 
a)  God spoke
b)  All these Words.
c)  All these Instructions.
(Through this Second one I understand The Source Of The Ten commandments)
PRAYER: Thank God that He is The Source Of The Ten Commandments.
We can learn very much from the Words and Examples of the Lord Jesus. He said that He did not accept Glory from Human Beings. We do sometimes face temptations to receive Glory and we should reject those temptations. 

We Should Believe!

'We Should Believe.'
John 5:39.
a)  You search the Scriptures
b)  Because you think that they give you Eternal Life.
c)  They are the very Words that testify about the Lord. 
(This QT reminds me that I Should Believe)
PRAY: That many more people will Believe.
'Learn This From The Lord Jesus!'
John 5:41.
a)  Jesus
b)  Does not accept Honour, 
c)  Does not accept Glory,
d)  From people.
(This Second one teaches me to Learn This From The Lord Jesus)
PRAY: That we will learn this from The Lord Jesus.
The main goal of every local Church should be that the Members and Visitors in the Services, should have a clear understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Message preached and read needs to be precise and welcoming for the non Believer to be able to respond to. The Gospel is the Power of God to bring Salvation. 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Ready For Their Baptism!

'Ready For Their Baptism.'
Luke 3:12-13. 
a)  The tax collectors came to John the Baptist.
b)  They wanted to be Baptised. 
c)  They asked John what they should do.
d)  John told them not to overtax the people. (It means that they were taking some of the money for themselves.)
(This QT teaches me that adults need to be Ready For Their Baptism)
PRAYER: For 'New Believers' in your Church to be Ready For Their Baptism.
'Our Spiritual Nature.'
Galatians 5:25. 
a)  If we get our new lives from the Holy Spirit. 
b)  Then our lives
c)  Need to conform
d)  To our spiritual nature. 
e)  We need to follow the Holy Spirit. 
(Through this Second one I realise the importance of My Spiritual Nature)
PRAYER: To be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit.
The love of money, or the desire for more money when we have sufficient, has been, and is, the downfall of many good Believers, even some 'Servants of the Lord'. The sin of 'greed' has caused this downfall. This is something that can leave lasting damage in the Church and can even cause 'weak' Believers to fall.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Positive And True!

'Positive And True.'
Genesis 18:14.
a)  The Lord's Word to Abraham:
b)  "Is anything too difficult for the Lord?
c)  "When I return to you about this time next year,
d)  "Sarah will have a son."
(This QT teaches me that what the Lord says to His Beloved People is Positive And True)
PRAYER: That we will Believe the Positive And True Words that the Lord says to us.
'A Clear Explanation From The Lord.'
John 3:6.
a)  A person is born physically
b)  Of human parents,
c)  But is born spiritually
d)  Of the Spirit.
(Through this Second one I find A Clear Explanation From The Lord)
PRAYER: That we will all understand this Clear Explanation From The Lord.
What the Lord says to His Beloved People is Positive and True, even if His Word is a Word of correction! We can always Trust what the Lord says to us. Primarily, the Lord will speak to us from His Word, there are other ways in which He can and will speak to us, but our Reading of, and listening to, His Word is most important. We should read or listen with a prayerful mind, ready to receive what He says to us.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Luke 17:32. 
a)  Significant, short and important teaching of Jesus Christ:
b)  "Remember
c)  "Lot's wife."
(This QT reminds me to Remember)
PRAYER: That we will remember the Words of God as and when we need to remember them.
'At The Table They Recognised Jesus.'
Luke 24:29-31. 
a)  Luke 24:29. The Disciples urged this stranger strongly to stay with them because it was already evening.
b)  Luke 24:30. At the table with them the stranger took the bread, He:
1-Took it.
2-Blessed it. 
3-Broke it. 
4-Gave it to them. 
c)  Luke 24:31. Their eyes were opened and they recognised Jesus.
d)  Luke 24:31. Then He disappeared from them. 
(This Second Encourages me to participate in Holy Communion; At The Table They Recognised Jesus)
PRAYER: That at the Communion Table we will always focus on recognising Jesus.
The act of remembering should not be difficult or strange for True Believers. We should remember the Words of God as part of our daily 'walk' with the Lord. As we do this the Holy Spirit can remind us of many more Scriptures as and when we need them. To neglect the Words of God causes spiritual starvation to come to us and cause us to have difficult bouts of negative or sinful thinking. We hide God's Word in our heart so that we will not sin against Him. 

Monday, December 11, 2017

John's Message Of Repentance And Compassion!

'John's Message Of Repentance And Compassion.'
Luke 3:11.
a)  John answered and said to the people:
b)  Him who has two tunics,
c)  Let him share with him who has none.
d)  And he who has food, 
e)  Let him do likewise. 
(This QT teaches me John's Message Of Repentance And Compassion)
PRAYER: That we and our Churches will follow this way taught by John, Repentance And Compassion.
'What The Lord Has Done For Us.'
1 Corinthians 6:11. 
a)  In Corinth especially, but also in our own modern-day cultures, this is relevant:
b)  "Such were some of us (living in actual sin),
c)  But you were washed,
d)  But you were Sanctified,
e)  But you were Justified in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ,
f)  And in the Spirit of our God."
(This Second one reminds me of What The Lord Has Done For Me)
PRAYER: To thank God for what He has done for us.
Sometimes, for some of us, if we look into our clothing cupboard, wardrobe, or dressing room, we find that there some clothes that we never wear, nor is there any likelihood of our wearing them. Have we ever thought of sharing these clothes with a "Mercy Ministry"? This is not a pressure to give away all of our clothes, rather to think about clothes that we never wear, nor are we likely to wear them. 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

God Knew About Sarah's Unbelief!

'God Knew About Sarah's Unbelief.'
Genesis 18:13. 
a)  The Lord asked Abraham:
b)  "Why did Sarah laugh to herself?
c)  "Saying:
d)  " 'Shall I really give birth to a child when I am so old?' "
(This QT tells me that God Knew About Sarah's Unbelief)
PRAY: To always remember that God Knows and that He wants to help us.
'With The Holy Spirit's Help.'
1 Peter 1:2. 
a)  God the Father knew you long ago
b)  And chose you to live Holy lives with the Holy Spirit's help.
c)  So that you are obedient to Jesus Christ.
d)  And are sprinkled with His Blood.
e)  May:
2-Good will;
3-and Peace;
in increasing abundance,
Fill your lives. 
(Through this Second one I see how God chose us to live With The Holy Spirit's Help)
PRAY: For the Holy Spirit to help us live day-by-day.
This QT reminds me that God knows even the secret things that come out of our mouths. Sarah laughed to herself because of her unbelief. God spoke to Abraham about this matter: His 'key point' in His question was "Why?" God helped Abraham and Sarah overcome this problem eventually and His Promise was fulfilled. 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

We Should Not Test Jesus!

'We Should Not Test Jesus.'
Luke 10:25. 
a)  One day an expert in religious law
b)  Stood up to test Jesus. 
c)  He asked Jesus this question:
d)  "Teacher, what should I do to inherit Eternal Life?"
(This QT reveals a question that was not a genuine question but a test question: We Should Not Test Jesus)
PRAY: That we will Trust Jesus and not test Him.
'He Planned To Say It And He Said It.'
Luke 15:18-24. 
a)  Luke 15:18-19. The prodigal son's plan of confession because of his 'lost situation'. 
b)  Luke 15:20. The father saw him coming and ran to him with love and compassion.
c)  Luke 15:21. The prodigal son made a humble confession before his father. 
d)  Luke 15:22-24. The father actively and practically showed his love to this son. 
(This Second one teaches me that He Planned To Say It And He Said It)
PRAY: That we will say the things that we need to say when we need to say them. 
There are times in our prayer life that we want to ask God questions with our prayers, that is fine, it is a part of prayer. The way that God answers us is up to Him and not up to us. Our responsibility is to continue faithfully in prayer. 

A Clear Distinction!

'A Clear Distinction.' John 5:41. a)  Jesus said: "I do not accept Glory b)  "From c)  "Human Beings." d...