Friday, March 27, 2020

The Holy Spirit Gave Them Utterance!

'The Holy Spirit Gave Them Utterance'
Acts 2:4.
a)  And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit,
b)  And began to speak in other languages
c)  As the Holy Spirit gave them ability. 
(This QT teaches me that the Gift of speaking in other languages which we do not know comes from the Holy Spirit).
'Devout People.'
a)  Isaiah 57:1. Are sometimes taken away and the people do not understand.
b)  Luke 2:25. Have the Holy Spirit upon them.
c) Acts 2:5. May come from every Nation.
d)  Acts 10:2. i) Fear God. ii) Are generous. iii) Pray.
e)  Acts 10:7. Maybe from the military. 
(Through this Second one I deeply respect Devout People)
As both the Church and individual Believers we need to be in awe of, and respect the things that come from the Holy Spirit. It is sad that, in many mainline Churches there is some suspicion about the Holy Spirit, mainly because of abusive and exclusive teachings from certain quarters of the Church. Correct teaching about the Holy Spirit will surely bring holiness and Grace into the Church.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

An Amazing Manifestation Of Nature!

'An Amazing Manifestation Of Nature.'
Genesis 7:11
a)  When Noah was 600 years old,
b)  On the seventeenth day of the second month,
c)  All the underground waters erupted from the Earth,
d)  And the rain fell in mighty torrents
e)  From the sky.
(This QT reveals to me An Amazing Manifestation Of Nature)
PRAY: That the World may see many Amazing Manifestations Of Nature.
'We Do Not Know.'
Acts 1:7.
a)  Jesus said to them:
b)  "It is not for you to know
c)  "The times or dates
d)  "The Father has set
e)  "By His Own Authority."
(Through this Second One I clearly understand that I Do Not Know)
PRAY: For humility to sometimes confess that We Do Not Know.
The sky is truly an awesome part of God's Creation. It is quite often, here in Scotland, hidden by the clouds. On such days we can muse on God's covering and protection over us. Sometimes, with the clouds, He send the rain to water the Earth, or even an excess of rain for some other reason. When the sun shines we are reminded of the Sun of Righteousness Who is risen with healing in His Wings.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Parallel That Glorifies God!

'The Parallel That Glorifies God!'
Matthew 6:10.
a)  Thy Kingdom Come.
i)  The Kingdom of God is a Kingdom, it is tangible and not just mystical. 
ii)  It is a Kingdom that we should welcome.
iii)  It is a Kingdom that uniquely belongs to God. 
b)  Thy Will be done on Earth.
i)  In God's Kingdom His Will is done on Earth.
ii) It is tangibly expressed for His Glory. 
c)  As it is in Heaven.
i)  It is a Kingdom that is pure and Holy.
ii)  Disobedience is not an option in God's Kingdom.
iii)  The choice is to obey or not to obey. Not to obey disqualifies us from God's Kingdom, until such time that we may repent of our disobedience. 
d)  So God's Kingdom and our Obedience to His Will should be parallel.
(This QT teaches me The Parallel That Glorifies God)
PRAY: For your life to Glorify God.
'The Way In Which We Should Welcome The Kingdom Of God.'
(Either corporately or individually)
Matthew 3:2.
a)  Repent.
b)  For the Kingdom of Heaven
c)  Is at hand.
(Through this Second one we see The Way In Which We Should Welcome The Kingdom Of God)
PRAY: That we will learn to correctly Welcome The Kingdom of God.
The Kingdom of God is pure and Holy. It is ruled over by a pure and Holy God. It is the 'yardstick' by which we should measure our lives, whether physical, spiritual or emotional now. When we obey God we enjoy Life in His Kingdom, the opposite is true if we live a life of disobedience to Him. I believe that daily we should welcome the Kingdom of God into our lives; this Kingdom is: Righteousness, Peace and Joy in the Holy Spirit,

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

A Further Sign!

'A Further Sign.'
Acts 2:3. 
a)  Then, what looked like flames,
b)  Or tongues of fire, appeared
c)  And settled on each of them.
(This QT reminds me of A Further Sign of the initial outpouring of the Holy Spirit)
PRAY: To be filled with the Holy Spirit - He is already given!
'They Will Come Back.'
Isaiah 49:18. 
a)  "Look around you and see,
b)  "For all your children will come back to you.
c)  "As surely as I live,"
d)  Says the Lord. 
e)  "They will be like jewels
f)  "Or bridal ornaments 
g)  "For you to display."
(This QT says to the parents of wandering children that They Will Come Back)
PRAY: For errant and wandering children to come back to their parents in some way. 
There is another amazing miracle that took place here. These tongues of fire, that were a part of the initial sign of the Holy Spirit being given, settled on each of the waiting Believers. God's desire is that all who are purely desiring and waiting for the the infilling of the Holy Spirit will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Just As God Said It Would Be!

'Just As God Said It Would Be.'
Genesis 7:10.
a)  And after the seven days
b)  The flood waters
c)  Came on the Earth.
(This QT shows me that it was Just As God Said It Would Be)
PRAY: To trust what God says.
'Incredible Forgetfulness.'
Jeremiah 2:32.
a)  Does a young woman
b)  Forget her jewelry?
c)  A bride her wedding ornaments?
d)  Yet My people have forgotten Me
e)  Days without number.
(Through this Second one I find Incredible Forgetfulness)
PRAY: Not to forget the Lord in any way.
We should trust what God says. When God really speaks, it comes to pass. If it does not come to pass, we can realize that God has not spoken! God brings many things to pass through what He says. In the UK there are many Churches that do not even listen to what God says; eventually those Churches will cease to be functioning as Christ's Church!

Monday, July 22, 2019

The Lord's Faithful Love!

'The Lord's Faithful Love.'
Psalm 63:3.
a)  My lips Praise You
b)  Because Your Faithful Love
c)  Is better than Life itself.
(This QT makes me give Thanks for The Lord's Faithful Love)
PRAY: To give thanks to the Lord for His Faithful Love.
'Fine Linen.'
Revelation 19:8.
a)  Fine linen,
b)  Bright and clean
c)  Has been given her to wear.
d)  'Fine linen' means the righteous deeds of God's People.
(Through this Second one I am Blessed by the meaning of Fine Linen here)
PRAY: To be ready to wear Fine Linen in Eternity!
Our regular Prayers need to contain some gratefulness expressed to the Lord! If we Pray without gratefulness, our Prayer life tends to dry up or cease. The Prayers of David may be able to help us overcome any negative emotions that may hinder our Prayers. Give thanks to the Lord for His Faithful Love for the city, town or village where we live. 

Sunday, July 21, 2019

God Made Them Pay Attention!

'God Made Them Pay Attention.'
Acts 2:2.
a)  Suddenly a sound
b)  Like the blowing of a violent wind
c)  Came from Heaven
d)  And filled the whole house
e)  Where they were sitting.
(This QT shows me that God Made Them Pay Attention)
PRAY: That your Church will pay attention to what God is saying today.
'Help Me And Deliver Me.'
Psalm 109:21.
a)  But You,
b)  Sovereign Lord,
c)  Help me for Your Name's sake;
d)  Out of the goodness of Your Love,
e)  Deliver me.
(Through this Second one I find an urgent Prayer: Help Me And Deliver Me)
PRAY: To the Lord for Help and Deliverance when we need to.
God has different ways of making people pay attention! This time it was the blowing of a violent wind, another time it was by withholding rain and another time it came by raining down birds for food! We cannot know what God is going to do, but it He needs our attention, He will surely do something. May we gratefully eat the food that God provides for us today! 

The Holy Spirit Gave Them Utterance!

'The Holy Spirit Gave Them Utterance' Acts 2:4. a)  And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit, b)  And began to speak i...